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Milazzo - Eolian Hotel

Let me say that the pictures are self-explanatory, the gym is very small but the view on the sea and the poll is breath taking. Inside there is a multifunctional machine that doesn’t give us the opportunity to perform our daily workout, but that’s it. There is also a bench, a couple of [...]

Moscow - Radisson Blu Hotel

As soon as we get in we had a bitterness: we should have taken the bathing suit! Behind a big window there is a small pool of approx.. 15m.. but, due to the mistake, let’s directly go to the gym [...]

Varna - Graffit Gallery Design

Let’s start informing all the weight addicted: this gym is not for you. There are not machines, there is also a bench and few free weights (have a look to the pic). The fitness area is perfect if you just want to perform a cardio section looking at [...]

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